Hale Literary Services: Editing & Proofreading


Alyson Hale is an author/editor with 4 years of experience in the publishing industry. She has a B.A. in Communications from Southern New Hampshire University. Alyson has always been a lover of the English language. Her eye for detail extends not only to spelling and grammar errors, but also to syntactical artistry and plot cohesion. Alyson will pore over every last word of your manuscript to ensure your book baby is everything it was meant to be. 

Content/Line Editing

Your manuscript will be assessed for plot consistency, factual errors and other content-related issues.

Cost: $0.005 per word (ex. 50,000 word manuscript: $250)

Copy Editing

Your manuscript will be edited for syntactical and technical artistry.

Cost: $0.003 per word (ex. 50,000 word manuscript: $150)


Your manuscript will receive a basic edit of grammar and spelling errors only.

Cost: $0.001 per word (ex. 50,000 word manuscript: $50)

Blurb/Synopsis Writing

Alyson will write (or rewrite) your blurb/synopsis and ensure no technical or grammar errors exist.

Flat rate: $30 ($20 for each additional book)


Full Service Package (includes content and copy editing, proofreading, and a written blurb): Request a quote

Series Package (includes one or more services for multiple books): Request a quote

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